Guided Tours

Pre-book your place on a special guided tour of the Cathedral.

Please note that the Whispering Gallery is temporarily closed to visitors until at least March 2020. The Stone and Golden Galleries above it remain open.

Pre-book your place on a special guided tour of the Cathedral.

A tour place booking can be made on its own but you will also require an admission ticket to visit.

Please note that the separate guided tours of the Cathedral Floor and Crypt available daily to ticket holders cannot be pre-booked and visitors should register for these upon arrival.

Public Triforium Tours
A one-hour tour in English of the Triforium which includes the Geometric Staircase and Great Model, as well as a spectacular view down the nave from above the Great West Doors. This is a great tour if you might have visited the Cathedral before, or have a special interest in its design and construction. Please be aware that there are 141 steps to the Triforium level and no lift access available at present. Within the Triforium, the tour route includes up to a further 10 short flights of stairs (each no more than 10 steps).
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